Our Team



Joanna Robertson is a recognised leader in the arts industry in Western Australia. Kidogo's success has been due to Joanna's vision and attitude of everything is possible. Her vibrant energy is the heart of Kidogo Arthouse.

In 1993, Joanna had the vision to set up an independent art school in Western Australia, that specialised in skill-based Fine Art techniques that became known as the Kidogo Institute. The Kidogo Art Institute delivered art courses across Perth but was always based out of the stunningly located stone heritage building that Joanna named the Kidogo Arthouse. Joanna's acute ability to identify and fill niche opportunities in the arts and education fields in Australia led to Kidogo quickly became a successful cultural centre which has played a key role in motivating and nurturing emerging Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal artists.

An award-winning Irish artist, Joanna is a graduate from Dublin's prestigious National College of Art and Design's five-year degree in Fine Art. As a professional artist and art lecturer working in Ireland, the USA and Australia since 1981, Joanna has exhibited in international shows for over 35 years.

Joanna grew up in Tanzania; was educated in Ireland; studied fine art in Paris and Dublin; won awards and critical recognition in Ireland for her artwork; was appointed for a two year "Visiting Artist's Residency" to North Carolina, USA. In 2007, she was invited to be artist-in-residence on the legendary Russian icebreaker "KAPITAN KHLEBNIKOV" in the Arctic Circle.

Joanna is the founding lead artist for the "Kidogo Artists' Team" who have created some of Perth's most stunning large scale Public Art Designs collaborating with Perth Metropolitan Aboriginal Artists.