Fieldsy & The Corrberries

Friday 12th March at Kidogo Irish Aboriginal Festival

The Cranberries The Corrs and more by Fieldsy & The Corrberries is a tribute to two of the biggest bands to come out of Ireland.

Irish powerhouse Fieldsy. will be joined by an ensemble of fierce musicians to bring you some crowd favourite rock songs like Zombie and Dreams , to nostalgic heartfelt pop ballads like Runaway and Breathless. 

“ What started as a very self indulgent project I had in my head for quite sometime , turned out to be the one thing quite a lot of people needed. When i approached the guys in the band about it i was a bit taken aback by their enthusiasm, I guess you don’t really consider the impact bands, that don’t really get played on radio anymore ,leave on the soul. Getting to perform all their greatest hits and hearing everyone join in just really proves the power of music, and how it connects us all to each other from one side of the World to the other”- Fieldsy