Lauralee Faith, Musician

Kidogo Arthouse- it’s History, the Art, the vibe, the staff & caliber of Musicians alone, make this by far my favourite venue in Fremantle. Magical sunsets, the train that passes by, the people, “home-cooked”meals on the deck while sipping wine, the sense of community.. Joanna’s love of bringing people together, especially in these times… hands down makes Kidogo Arthouse, the best venue. 

T.P, Musician

Dear Joanna, I had such a lovely evening, it was very special….so nice to be playing indoors again 🙂 with Much Admiration T.P.

Helen Shanahan, Musician

Dear Joanna, Thank you so much again for having us play at your Candlelit Soiree’s. They were such special gigs, and I am so appreciative of all your support and what you do for artists!! 

J, Musician

Joanna ,you are a joy and such a deep breath of fresh air, thank you so much for your vision you integrity and your trueness to art and culture, so grounding and inspiring to be around. I was observing last night the similarity of energy in both crowds ,even though the room was transformed and … Read More

J.Z, Musician

Hi Joanna, Thank you again for all your support and huge congratulations on a successful season of Soiree this year! We hope we can do many more in the future!

Melissa Erpen, Musician

Oh this is so wonderful Joanna! It’s such an experience and soon the word will be out so much that people will have to book months in advance! Well done on the beautiful space you have created for artists and the community, it’s been such a pleasure working with you all. 

D.B, Musician

We really had a great experience and thanks to you, Bryan and the team for your hospitality. From start to finish, we wanted for nothing and felt very welcome in your most special venue. In particular, thanks for the extra hospitality you showed to Donough, Kevin and Fiona. They were our guests on the night … Read More

John Barrett, Musician

Thank you once again for another magical evening, such a great night and amazing people, you’ve truly created something very special..  Well done.