Regional artist Nyree Taylor’s exhibition ARCADIA features two collections of new works – (INHALE) + (EXHALE) .

The first are large-scale charcoal drawings (INHALE).

Charcoal, chalks and paper- these are the materials I feel very at home drawing with…. I wanted an object that represented nature but at the same time was in an abstract form. Thus, I start my drawings with a flower or plant of sorts in the first sitting. After that I disregard the object and the work becomes an exploration on being present with the materials”

The second are oil on canvas landscapes (EXHALE). These are odes to Nyree’s runs across her wheatbelt farm in Piawaning and created in her railway carriage studio set in the bush.

‘Hundreds of photographs later, from years of running on our farm, I wanted to explore them more. As French impressionist, Paul Gauguin says, I want to ‘extrapolate’ my art from it, depict my intuition.’

Gallery Hours 11 – 4pm