Storyline – Michael Miller

August 16, 2019By JoannaExhibition

19 – 25 September From the artist, Michael Miller: “I invite you to journey through time and reflect on the mystical story of Aboriginal life, prior to colonisation, on this great land. A story that spans many tens of thousands of years. Storyline is a collection of my art that reflects the respect that I, … Read More

Delinquent Matters – Fremantle Exhibiting Artists Team

August 16, 2019By JoannaExhibition

30 August – 4 September “Delinquent Matters” presents a variety of 2D & 3D art work from the Fremantle Exhibiting Artists Team (FEAT): Anneli Salo, Sandra Albin, Jo Hickey, Susannah Warrington, Lauren Pickering, Leanne Selkirk, Flavio Rosa, Kelly Duncan, Alice Poli, Cam Allen, John Grono, Vicki Symes, Holly Courtney, Allan Burke and Jade Thompson. These … Read More

Unleashed: An exhibition of new work by Artisto

July 13, 2019By JoannaExhibition

15 – 21 August Formed in 2016 through invitation, the Artist♀ international women artists group members have many attributes in common. All have dual careers, some an extension of their art practice, others in a completely separate field, and they are all exhibiting artists. Busy, dynamic, influential women, they are passionate about using their art … Read More

Tury Sicari Exhibition

April 13, 2019By JoannaExhibition

2 – 8 May 2019 From the artist, Tury Sicari: “I am like many artists, hidden away in the suburbs looking for a chance to pop my head up and show my stuff. My art is influenced by abstract expressionism, constructivism, suprematism and Australian modernism. My inspiration comes from looking at the conscious and unconscious … Read More

One Hundred and Ten – Kerry Anne Jordinson

March 14, 2019By JoannaExhibition

21 – 27 Mar 2019 Travel has been very much of a part of Kerry Anne’s life and it is where she finds inspiration  – in her environment. Several months of sailing through Europe followed by an Atlantic crossing and cruising the Caribbean in 2017/18,  plus many road trips throughout the Kimberley and the South … Read More

Wild Birds and Other Things – Sobrane

March 12, 2019By JoannaExhibition

14 – 20 Mar 2019 Created in Sydney at Sobrane’s Whale Beach Studio and exhibited for three months at beautiful Avalon Beach, NSW, the flock is on tour! Some paintings see a deflection from her old works with new movement in the artists work and some of these works are on display and for sale … Read More

Lynne Boladeras’ exhibition of paintings

December 19, 2018By JoannaExhibition

7 – 13 Feb 2019 “Camels snuffled around our tent at Curara Soaks, the last night on the Canning Stock Route. “Three vehicles south bound, coming over the hill” was repeated ninety seven times to alert other travellers in the sand dune sections, from Well 31 across to Well 24.After meeting friends at Rawlinna on … Read More

Kalaallit Nunaat – Photo exhibition by Tom Grasso

December 19, 2018By JoannaExhibition

Tom Grasso will be showing for the first time ever a collection of images from Greenland. A country that he had wanted to visit for a long time. Greenland is a place of rugged, remote and untouched landscape that is just simply stunning.  Join Tom Grasso for the opening of “KALAALLIT NUNAAT” on Friday January … Read More

Terra’ Photography series and zine launch

December 8, 2018By JoannaExhibition

Perth artist set to inspire through satire and stories in “Terra” exhibition. 29th Nov – 5th of Dec (11-4) Known for her self-deprecating humour and whimsical adventures, Louise Coghill’s latest exhibition showcases the beautiful yet harrowing landscapes of Mongolia and Nepal in a series that cements her as one of Perth’s most unique and prominent … Read More