Opening on the 12 Jan at Kidogo Gallery is an unusual artistic family combination, Peter and his mother, Louise Flavelle.
Peter is presenting some highly stylised figure drawings. Peter is able to capture the inner agonies and the happiness of his subjects with just a few lines, while Louise has done some unusual ‘Fantacies’ of ancient fossils and early forms of life in black and white acrylic and enamel. What links them is their shared background in geology.
Peter was first taken on a geology excursion when he was six weeks old. Louise subsequently learned that very small boys see natural rocks and objects from a very different perspective to adults.
Both studied at Claremont School of Art. Peter went on to be mentored by Betty Churcher at the Preston Institute, while Louise has been influenced by many local artists and at the Art Students League of New York.
Opening on Thursday 12 January between 6 pm and 8 pm until 19 January 2017.