When you think of mosaics do you think of your aunty’s outdoor table or the Byzantine church you saw on holiday?

Come down to Kidogo in Fremantle and have your expectations blown away.

Artists Maureen Elphick, Lynley Jakowyna and Frances Russo, still use the traditional hammer and hardi but are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible as a contemporary mosaicist.

Be enticed into a world of colour and light created with stone, tile and glass. A world where each element is hand cut and delicately placed to create an image of beauty and wonder. A world where time stands still; a mosaic may take many hundreds of hours to create but will retain its luminosity for thousands of years.

The light-filled beach gallery at Kidogo Arthouse is the perfect place to share the artistry and vision of three friends who share a love of this most exacting of artforms.

Opens Thursday 29 March 2018 at 6pm