30 August – 4 September

“Delinquent Matters” presents a variety of 2D & 3D art work from the Fremantle Exhibiting Artists Team (FEAT): Anneli Salo, Sandra Albin, Jo Hickey, Susannah Warrington, Lauren Pickering, Leanne Selkirk, Flavio Rosa, Kelly Duncan, Alice Poli, Cam Allen, John Grono, Vicki Symes, Holly Courtney, Allan Burke and Jade Thompson.

These talented artists are all from Fremantle and the local metropolitan area, and have collaborated together to bring this show featuring acrylics, oils, ceramics and mixed media sculptures.

They are letting their energies collide in a fresh exhibition exploring the very nature of ‘creative integrity and artistic duty.’

“We are creatures with a sublime purpose…defiant in nature but distinct in substance… We gather as ‘delinquents’, contemplating, challenging the unknown, obliged to nurture our personal journey through our art, constantly searching for our own place in space and time…” .