Entranced: Drawings by Julie Podstolski

September 1, 2017By JoannaExhibition

Julie Podstolski is an established Fremantle artist working in coloured pencils. Her diverse new exhibition records the bird life of Fremantle, the night streets of Kyoto, the mysterious, secretive and evocative world of maiko and geiko (geisha) who live in Kyoto, and ‘poster’ images of Western woman. Julie originally trained in painting, undertaking a Diploma … Read More

New Woodfired Forms by Stewart Scambler

September 1, 2017By JoannaExhibition

Stewart Scambler is a leading authority and teacher in ceramics and one of Western Australia’s most prominent wood-firers. His ceramic forms are an exploration of his response to the land, the underlying presence rather than the landscape. They are about the emotional and spiritual effect that the land has on the people within it and … Read More

SHUNGA: the erotic art of Japan of the 18th and 19th Centuries

September 1, 2017By JoannaExhibition

“I thought the Japanese were into understatement” Free from guilt or sin, the erotic art of Japan was a source of sexual stimulation, instruction and a ribald earthy humour. At its core, it glamourised the human body, primarily the actor celebrities of the Kabuki theatre and the courtesans of the Pleasure Quarters; the exaggerated dimensions … Read More

“A Personal Collection”

August 4, 2017By JoannaExhibition, News

“A Personal Collection” – Lots of items for sale including collectables, art, furniture, textiles, glass, unframed studio sketches and art books – new and old – cheap to expensive – featuring unknown and well-known artists…. A “Real Treat” of an Exhibition! Hours 11am – 5pm (0401333309)

Padraig McCaul – “Stories of Home”

July 13, 2017By JoannaExhibition, News

An exhibition of oil paintings and limited edition enhanced prints by Irish artist Padraig McCaul Kidogo Arthouse presents ‘Stories of Home’, an exhibiton of original oil paintings and hand finished limited edition prints by Irish artist Padraig McCaul. This will be McCaul’s first time exhibiting in Australia. Home for Padraig McCaul is Achill Island, located … Read More

“Hope and Transformation” by Libby Baker

June 17, 2017By JoannaExhibition

“Hope and Transformation” an exhibition by Libby Baker ‘Seven years on one canvas’ – a pictorial story at Kidogo Arthouse on Bathers Beach, Fremantle opens on June 15 and runs until June 28, 2017. For further information go to www.libbyenergyart.com A unique art work at the centre of an exhibition by Perth artist and author … Read More

Old Fremantle Relaunched

June 1, 2017By JoannaExhibition

80 images from the book “Old Fremantle” will be on display. These are the exact same original images from the WA Maritime Museum exhibition in 2003 and all are available for sale – $99 each. Orders: 0401333309 A Fremantle Society exhibition for the Fremantle Heritage Festival. The “Old Fremantle” book by John Dowson won two … Read More

Bruce Bradfield – New Works

May 4, 2017By JoannaExhibition

4 May – 21 May 2017 Bruce Bradfield,  an award winning  printmaker of Bardi and Irish descent, has spent over 20 years exploring shapes, shadows, lines and texture in found objects and the natural and built landscape.  His  longest project has been to document the building process surrounding the construction of the family home –a … Read More

Christopher Crouch – Paintings

May 4, 2017By JoannaExhibition

4 May – 21 May 2017 Artist, writer and former University lecturer, Christopher Crouch’s latest exhibition is framed by the idea of absence and presence. City trees are drawn separated from their immediate surroundings, revealing how they have grown in response to outside constraints; their branches and twigs are then painted in styles that purport … Read More

Sculpture@Bathers 2017

February 20, 2017By JoannaExhibition, News

A sneak peek of the first day of install of Sculpture@Bathers 2017 exhibition along Bathers Beach at Kidogo Arthouse… Opens Saturday! “Sculpture@Bathers” is an invitational exhibition that will showcase only Western Australian sculpture – works by WA’s best known and most senior artists, plus works by emerging younger sculptors that we have identified as very … Read More