“Invisible Heart” By Helah Milroy

December 14, 2017By JoannaExhibition

Through the persona Venus Embers, Pirate Nun & Black Swan of the 21st Century and her search for a heart of gold, Invisible Heart explores the virtue of faith in relation to the use of biotechnology for future solutions to environmental crisis. As we face the 6th Extinction we can no longer deny the impact … Read More

“Elements Exhibition” by Shabbi Phelps and Kirsty Watkins

November 23, 2017By JoannaExhibition

A mixed media exhibition showcasing the latest works by Perth artists ‘Shabbi’ and Kirsty Watkins. Running for one week, the exhibition will feature sculpture and paintings representing nature’s four elements. All pieces are available for purchase.   The exhibition is then open from 11am until 4pm daily, until it finishes on Wednesday November 23rd.

“Eclectic Elements” by Renia Lakomy Edwards

October 26, 2017By JoannaExhibition

Renia Lakomy Edwards solo show “Eclectic Elements”opens at Kidogo Arthouse on Thursday 26th October 2017. Eclectic Elements is a collection of landscapes, orals and gurative paintings – the binding elements being elusive memories and intangible beauty. Renia was born in New Zealand to a Polish family and moved to Australia in 1979. In 1995, she … Read More

“Looking for Whales” by Wade and Robyn Hughes

October 26, 2017By JoannaExhibition

26 October to 1 November 2017 – Kidogo Arthouse Bathers Beach Fremantle Wade and Robyn Hughes have been photographing sperm and humpback whales for more than 10 years. The first exhibition of the Port Coogee couple’s maginficent black and white photographs is on at Kidogo Arthouse at Bathers Beach Fremantle from 26 October to 1 … Read More

Environs Kimberley

October 20, 2017By JoannaExhibition

Aboriginal art and artists are making the long trip from the Kimberley to Fremantle for a not-to-be-missed exhibition of Kimberley art running from the 20-25th October 2017, at Kidogo Arthouse. This first-time event brings you a stunning range of contemporary Aboriginal art from right across the Kimberley. It is a rare chance to experience the … Read More

“Voyage to Venice” – Leon Holmes

October 19, 2017By JoannaExhibition

“Two months in Europe and my paint box was on fire. Studies were done in Holland, Germany and Ireland before a final dedicated week of painting was spent in Venice.” Leon Holmes is an award-winning Australian artist, lecturer and ambassador of plein air (open air) painting. “If you want to have life in your painting, … Read More

‘Arcadia’ by Nyree Jane Taylor

September 23, 2017By JoannaExhibition

Regional artist Nyree Taylor’s exhibition ARCADIA features two collections of new works – (INHALE) + (EXHALE) . The first are large-scale charcoal drawings (INHALE). “Charcoal, chalks and paper- these are the materials I feel very at home drawing with…. I wanted an object that represented nature but at the same time was in an abstract … Read More

“Sunlit Scenes”

September 23, 2017By JoannaExhibition

A joint exhibition by four realist oil painters Peter Barker, Andy Kent and David Green   On display will be a collection of Plein-air and small format paintings depicting scenes around Fremantle, the Swan river, and the Greater Perth area. Gallery hours: 11am – 4pm